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College Programs

A list of college dance programs with an integrated jazz dance curriculum. To be eligible, schools must meet the following criteria:

  • Jazz courses are required, not electives.

  • More than one skill level of jazz must be offered.

  • Jazz technique courses in the curriculum cannot be recreational/non-majors classes.

  • Jazz technique courses cannot be from the musical theatre dance curriculum or jazz classes exclusively for musical theatre students.

  • Jazz technique courses must be identified as jazz dance (not hip hop/house, ballroom, or tap). Contemporary jazz is an acceptable title, but Contemporary by itself is not.

  • Swing dance classes are eligible if included in the requirements for the completion of the program.

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An international list of professional dance companies that claim jazz as essential to their aesthetic.

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Conferences, Festivals, Workshops, & Events

An international list of events devoted to jazz dance.

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A list of organizations that center jazz dance in their mission and vision. 

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A list of books written about jazz dance, from scholarly research to recreational manuals, both in and out of print. All synopses are from the publisher's or vendor's descriptions.


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