Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance: Dance and Other Contexts

* Though this book is not exclusively about jazz dance, Jazz Dance Direct considers it a significant text in the study of jazz dance aesthetics.

Publisher's Description: 

This ground-breaking work brings dance into current discussions of the African presence in American culture. Dixon Gottschild argues that the Africanist aesthetic has been invisibilized by the pervasive force of racism. This book provides evidence to correct and balance the record, investigating the Africanist presence as a conditioning factor in shaping American performance, onstage and in everyday life. She examines the Africanist presence in American dance forms particularly in George Balanchine's Americanized style of ballet, (post)modern dance, and blackface minstrelsy. Hip hop culture and rap are related to contemporary performance, showing how a disenfranchised culture affects the culture in power.

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Author: Brenda Dixon Gottschild
Publisher: Praeger
Latest Edition: 1998
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