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The American Jazz Company

The American Jazz Dance Company is a low brow, high art, sizzling hot, and totally fay dance company based in New York City (and ready to take on the world). Rooted in theatrical dance, modern jazz, and vernacular jazz traditions, our mission is to create, preserve, and cultivate dances and ideas that represent the heartbeat of jazz.

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Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Our students choose from a variety of introductory and advanced courses, each designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the technical, theoretical and historical aspects of dance. Beginning to advanced technique courses are offered in Modern, Ballet, Jazz and Global Dance.

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Jazz Roots Dance Company

Jazz Roots Dance Company was first formed in 2009 under the direction of Artistic Director Sue Samuels. The company is dedicated to the preservation of the classic jazz dance form, and aims to entertain and educate all generations about the roots of jazz dance.

The company repertoire emphasizes strong clean lines that are driven by the musicality of the very orchestrations within the music. The body of work is varied from lyrical, Latin, to theatre, the way classical jazz dance was influenced by musical variations and infused with stylistic relevance. Works can be presented as a full evening of dance as well as numbers which can be molded to suit the needs of special events and themes.

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Hysterika Jazz Dance

Hysterika Jazz Dance (HJD) is a jazz dance company dedicated to expanding the legacy of jazz dance as an American art form with a rich and powerful history. The company's first performance took place in Fall 2014, when the company premiered Mi Maschera (Mask Me), an original jazz dance work that illuminated the use of Venetian Masks in the Baroque Period as it related to issues of gender bias and explorations of female identity.

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Caleb Teicher & Company

Caleb Teicher & Company (CT&Co) founded in 2015 by acclaimed dancer/choreographer Caleb Teicher, seeks to expand the capacity of America’s rich music and dance traditions through innovative choreography, performance, and contextualization. Utilizing Tap Dance, Vernacular Jazz, Lindy Hop, and a mix of other dance styles born and bred in America, the company’s work reflects a collective conscience within modern American culture.

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Bob Boross Free Style Jazz

Bob Boross Freestyle Jazz Dance is the choreographic outlet for the jazz dance inspired choreography of Bob Boross. A project based dance company currently situated in New York City, Bob Boross Freestyle Jazz Dance utilizes classic jazz dance values that are re-imagined in a contemporary sense under the mission statement of "dance as art…dance as entertainment."

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