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Jazz Inc Dance

Jazz Inc was founded in 2006 as a Boston-based, jazz dance company seeking to bridge the gap between concert and commercial dance.  Exploring musicality, jazz styles, contemporary dance, and musical theatre styles, we aim to redefine our audiences' expectations of concert jazz dance and commercial theatre.  Our dancers hail from diverse backgrounds and are highly technically trained, while infusing their own voice and personality into the choreography.  Jazz Inc actively seeks to produce work that integrates dance with other art forms, such as music, photography, film, theatre, and sculpture.  

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Boston Conservatory at Berklee

With a profound depth of knowledge and an impressive portfolio of real-world dance experience, Boston Conservatory teachers and acclaimed guest artists are as passionate about their students as they are about their craft. Authentic Jazz, Afro-Carribean, Classical, and Theatrical styles are taught at The Boston Conservatory.

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