Western Michigan University

The mission of Western Michigan University’s Department of Dance is to provide high-quality, undergraduate education that prepares students for professional careers in dance and related fields. 
Within its mission, the Department of Dance is committed to:

  • Experiential learning through which students integrate theory and practice to discover, explore, and articulate a sense of themselves as dance artists and leaders

  • Providing curricula and special projects that value student choice and aesthetic breadth

  • Offering comprehensive, tri-focal training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance techniques

  • Engagement with national and international dance communities through artist residencies and immersive experiences

JAZZ STYLES TAUGHT: Authentic/Vernacular, Classical, Contemporary, Funk/Street Jazz, Latin, Lyrical, Theatrical, West Coast
FULL-TIME FACULTY: Jeremy Blair, Carlos Funn, Monique Haley, Whitney Moncrief